SET SUBJECTS Aug 2016 - Aug 2017 


August 2016 – Close Up Photography (Not necessarily Macro) 

close up 

Take a photo of something up close, it does not have to be a macro shot, just close.


September 2016 – Monochrome - only one colour 


A good monochrome image covers the full spectrum of grey, from pitch black to bright white. Dont be shy to boost the contrast. 


October 2016 – Hi Key Photography 

hi key 

High key photography uses unnaturally bright lighting to blow out most or all harsh shadows in an image. High key photography is used regularly for model photography, flowers and other subjects that are relatively feminine in their nature.


November 2016 -  Leading Lines 

leading lines 

Here is an exhample where the lines of the bridge take you to the main subject of the photo, the sunset.


December 2016 -  Photo Talk Night


January 2017 - Slow Speed Photography - Shutter speed no less that 1 second

slow speed 

Use of a tripod oor good support is important for a sharp image.


February 2017 - Panoramic or Landscape 


Opportunity to stich your photos into panoramas! Or just a nice landscape is also fine!


March 2017 - Photograph of a flower 


This is where most of us started as photographers, now show us what you have learned and bring us beautiful images.


April 2017- Portrait photography 


It does not have to be a image of a humain and it does not have to be in the portrait format!


May 2017 - Shadows 


Show us your shadow photography, make use of shadows or hide in them!


June 2017 – AGM and prize giving (No photos on that night)


July 2017 - Altered reality 

alterd reality 

To get your creative mind working and the use of layers in Photoshop!


August 2017 - Forced Perspective 

  perspective 02  perspective 01

Forced perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is!





The list of SUBJECTS are as follows and will remain constant for all the future events:

1.      Large Depth of Field

2.      Shallow Depth of Field

3.      Movement & Motion

4.      Dogs Eye View

5.      A Day at .....

6.      Textures

7.      Composition

8.      Prominent Colour

9.      Structures

10.    Creative (post production)

Credit to Alastair Lawson from ALP for this concept

high key used regularly for model photography, flowers and other subjects that are relatively feminine in nature

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