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Krugersdorp Camera Club - Information and contact details are as follows:                                          


Website:       www.kameraklub.co.za                                        

e-mail:         info@kameraklub.co.za                                      


Committee 2015/16                     


Eksteen              Cobus                   cobus@pixelimage.co.za              0824580858

Dempers             Marita                   marita.dempers@gmail.com        0849510794

Luyk                   Jeroen                  inafrica@saol.com                       0829515049

Wassenaar          Theo                    twassenaar@telkomsa.net            0828918214

Sutton                Andrew                 Andrew.sutton6@me.com             0829277549

Van Zyl              Willem                  Vanzy_Wi@mtn.co.za                   0832145630

Sutton                Mary-Ann             Mary_ann.sutton@icloud.com        0825500795

Sparks               Pieter                   info@studiosparks.co.za               0829013045

van Kaam          Heepko                 heepko@lantic.net                       0826060473

De Klerk            Braam                   braam@feintech.co.za                0824961431


Contact any Committee member if you need more information or help.                               

Year Programme 2015/16








16 July

Club meeting

Shallow depth of field in sport

26 July


Walkerville photo opportunity


20 August

Club meeting

Set Subject - Snow and Ice

22 August

Jap Training

Johan Botha

27 August

AV Training

Heepko van Kaam


4-6 September

Club weekend away

Kaapche Hoop

17 September

Club meeting

Set Subject - Doors & Windows


1 October


Table Tops

3 October

Top 10


15 October

Club meeting

Set Subject - Table Tops

31 October



19 November

Club Meeting

Set Subject - Spring



No activities


21 January

Club meeting

Set Subject - Clouds


6 February

KCC Salon

Cobus Eksteen

19 February

Club meeting

Set Subject - Food


5 March

Top 10


17 March

Club meeting

Set Subject - Monochrome (1 colour only)


21 April

Club meeting

Set Subject - Low light / Night photography


7 May - Saterday


Street photography

19 May

Club meeting

Set Subject - Street photography


15 July

Club meeting

Set Subject - 3 Clours only



Monthly Meetings

Usually every 3rd Thursday of the month at 19:00

Please see Year Programme for dates.

Venue - Golden Age Village Hall, Heading Street, Krugersdorp

All members are encouraged to attend and participate.

Visittors are more than welcome

Meetings are arranged to:

 - discuss news and to make important announcements

 - for lectures and training

 - to evaluate and discuss the monthly entries.

For updated information on Monthly Meetings visit the Club Web Site


Club Activities

All club activities will be communicated to members through e-mails well in advance.


Club activities include:

 - Monthly meetings

 - Top Ten competitions

 - Rally for photographers

 - Away weekend

 - Photo talks

 - Training

 - Yearly Salon

 - Participation in International competitions as a club

 - Photographic outings

For updated details on Club Activities please visit the Club Web Site


Image Specifications

For the monthly Club meetings members may enter Projected Images and Prints


All Projected Images must comply with the following:

 - Maximum horisontal axis of 1920 pixels - border included.

 - Maximum vertical axis of 1080 pixels - border included.

 - Maximum file size of 1.2 Mb per image

 - Image must be in JPEG format.

 - Maximum vertical axis of 1080 pixels for mages in Portrait format


Prints must comply with the following:

 - Minimum size is 6"x 8" - 152 x 203mm

 - Maximum image size 16"x 20" - 406 x 508mm - frame included.


Number of Projected Images and Prints you may enter per Club Meeting:

 - Maximum of 5 (five) Images - At least one must be a Set Subject.


Images Per Medium:

 - Projected Images - Maximum 4 - At least ONE must be a Set Subject.

 - Prints - Maximum 4 - At least one must be a Set Subject.


Image Preparation

1) All elements used in the creation of an Image must be the members own work.

2) All processing work must be done by the member him- or herself

3) No text or wording is permissible

For full details visit the Club Web Site


PSSA Judging Guidelines

Entries for monthly meetings are judged according the following guidelines:


 - Correct exposure

 - In focus

 - Elements of composition

 - Image clean and well presented



 - Correct exposure

 - In focus

 - Elements of composition

 - Image clean and well presented

 - Some impact

 - Some knowledge of cropping

 - Some knowledge of post processing



 - Correct exposure

 - In focus

 - Good composition

 - Image clean and well presented

 - Good impact

 - Good knowledge of cropping

 - Good post processing



 - Correct exposure

 - In focus

 - Composition very important

 - Image clean and well presented

 - Very strong impact

 - Perfect cropping

 - Perfect post processing

 - Salon standard

Use the criteria when you prepare your entries for monthly meetings.


Judging and scoring             


Three judges will evaluate and score Prints and Projected Images entered for monthly Cub meetings                   


-          Each judge will score a point out of 5 for an image based on the PSSA judging guidelines as accepted by our Club.         

-          One of the judges will give feedback on the image                 


Al three points awarded per image are added giving a total out of 15                      

The final award for the image is given based on the total points out of 15 as follows:                       


Total out of 15                  Award                   Points on club log

14; 15                                  C.O.M                    5

11; 12; 13                            Gold                      4

8; 9; 10                               Silver                     2

5; 6; 7                                 Bronze                   1

3; 4                                     No Award               0


For more details and the appeal rule please visit the Club Web Site    


Grading and Promotion                 


Members are graded and promoted based on the Images entered and judged                 

during monthly Club Meetings and participation in Salons.                           


Members will receive an e-mail with their updated club log status after each Club meeting.                        


Grating                              Promotion                          Requirements

1 Star                                 1 Star to 2 Star                   10 Gold awards + 2 Training Sessions

2 Star                                 2 Star to 3 Star                   15 Gold awards - 4 Golds must   be achieved in 4 categories. Must participate in Top 10

3 Star                                 3 Star to Graduate               20 Gold awards + 4 Salon acceptances

Graduate                            Graduate to Honours            25 Gold awards + 6 Salon acceptances

Honours                              Honours to Masters              25 Gold awards + 9 Salon acceptances

Masters                               Masters to M-Bronze            40 Gold awards + 18 Salon acceptances

Masters-Bronze                   M-Bronze to M-Silver            60 Gold awards + 27 Salon acceptances

Masters-Silver                     M-Silver to M-Gold               80 Gold awards + 36 Salon acceptances

Masters-Gold                       M-Gold to M-Platinum          100 Gold awards + 45 Salon acceptances

Masters-Platinum                 M-Platinum to M-Galaxy      120 Gold awards + 54 Salon acceptances


Very Important: 4 Gold awards can qualify as 1 Salon acceptance on the Club log for promotion.  


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